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For I walk by faith... Not by sight!

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New York author Vanessa Richardson Bagby Tells true-life account of her unbearable pain as she relives those awful moments in this heart-throbbing mysterious story of her family's survival which started in August 2005 after her eldest son was riding his motorcycle on  the outskirts of New York City and was struck by a distracted driver.

Both a cautionary tale and a love letter to her child, Vanessa Richardson Bagby has written a heartfelt memoir about what happens to an entire family in the aftermath of a tragedy. Shattered in a Split Second ask, when the world shuts down on you, and there's nowhere to turn to, what do you do? Do you crumble to your knees, or do you stand tall?

   I Learned That Every Breath Is Important... 
And That Laughter Will Keep You Sane.

By Vanessa Richardson Bagby
Be Still And Stop Blaming God is a powerful, inspiring and an encouraging work, which will have readers exploring their inner being so deeply that if one has ever blamed God, given up on God, and lost faith in God … in this book, one will find Him again.
Your marriage can be doing well. You and your partner have distinguished careers, a beautiful home, and healthy, impressive children. Life can be going great. Then boom! Tragedy strikes. And the first thing you do is ask God, “Why me?”
We’ve all been there, asking unanswerable questions and looking to God, not for solace but to express rage. But how productive is that really?

Be Still originates from a series of lessons acclaimed writer Vanessa Bagby learned after a horrific motorcycle accident almost killed her son and changed her own life forever. Only through the grace of God was she able to get past the trauma. As her son battled through recovery, he eventually asked, “Mom, why didn’t God just let me die?” Her answer was swift and firm. “Because it wasn’t God who tried to kill you!”

Vanessa came to understand that our urge to blame God when disasters happen is understandable but misguided. This is hard-won knowledge learned over the course of many tribulations and years and years of individual study and scholarship.

In her unique take on religious faith in our contemporary world, Vanessa writes from her perspective on why she believes the majority of life’s woes are self-inflicted conditions which can only be changed in one’s mind.