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For I walk by faith... Not by sight!
Vanessa Richardson Bagby was born and raised in Mount Vernon New York. Currently, she is a Career and Technical Educator, a Mentor, and an Inspirational Speaker. Her intentions are to motivate and inspire others. She has worked in two Rockland County School Districts, one New York City School District, and one Westchester County School District. She is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and holds a Master of Arts in Education, a Bachelor of Science in Community and Human Services, and an Associate degree in Human Ecology/ Fashion Design. She holds a license and teacher's certificate in Cosmetology.

Something you should know about Vanessa...

Vanessa is a thinker who understands that we live in a multifaceted and complicated world. She analyzes life and life situations, and she observes her surrounding closely.

She is a leader, not a follower. She does not need to be validated by others, and, she does not need to fit into anyone’s world. Though she loves her family, her friends and enjoys their company, she can stay to herself and find happiness from within a place where some say happiness cannot be found. She is capable of listening to advice. But, it has to make sense to her and align with whatever her personal relationship with God is guiding her to do.

Presently, Vanessa resides in upstate New York with her family.


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A Great Inspirational Book!!

    Over All Great Book!!!

        By Stunie... May 13, 2013

By Barbara Lopez ... March 03, 2013

When I first began reading this book, I didn't know what to expect, but through the author's engaging story, so many emotions within myself begin to rise. As a parent, you can relate to a mother's love not only for her child but for God. How she triumphed over a tragedy when so many others may have given up is an encouragement. I recommend this book to all as it is at times, entertaining, emotional and very uplifting, an overall great read.
​This book is a truly an inspiration to all readers, men or women. Vanessa is a strong, courageous woman who's love for her son and God has no limits. She had me in touch with all my emotions. I re-read this book for emotional support when I found myself in the same situation a few months after with my nephew's motorcycle accident.
A must read for all families who are dealing with tragedy in their lives.

Must Read!

"I thought It Was Just Another One Of Those Reads"

By CK... February 24, 2013

              By Babs... February 05, 2013

What a wonderful read! Ms. Bagby's book is touching in so many ways. By the end of the book you will strive for stronger relationships with your family, friends, and all your loved ones. In addition, you will want to build and/or renew your faith with God. I sincerely recommend purchasing "Shattered In A Split Second." The suspense will have you continually reading the book, yearning to find out what will happen next. This novel shows you that even through tragedy comes light. It changed my life in numerous ways..it can and will do the same for you.
I must say when I received this book, I thought it was just another one of those reads, but I was truly amazed at the raw emotions this book was able to bring to my life. I cried, laughed and prayed with this family. I couldn't put this book down, truly amazing...thank you, Vanessa Richardson Bagby, You have given African Americans everywhere something worthwhile to read.