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For I walk by faith... Not by sight!
After I purchased self-publishing
packages from two online companies, I was led to believe I had total access to my book and website files; also, I can request to review or retrieve them when needed. However, after signing the agreement later I learned I had been deceived for publishing, marketing, and
royalty fees. Also, there was little or no access to my website and ebook files. This experience is what inspired me to become my own self-publisher and create VRB Publishing Services. 

As the book circulated and sales began to flourish, I noticed how self-publishers 
got their fees right off the top. Then, the printer and online distributors receive their fees. While the creator of the novel through hard work, sweat, and tears, received their royalties last with a three month waiting period before a check is issued.  

I spent a substantial amount of money purchasing bogus marketing packages
that did not generate sales. My story is my  passion and no one can market my book better than myself. This awakening led me to cut out the middle-men and acquire full control of the sales and royalties from my book. 

My goal is to help writers get a jump start on developing their dream novel at a fraction of self-publishing package fees.  We give you our word that your files and the ownership of your book are 100% yours with no hidden clauses are written in ourcontract.

Are you ready to finally publish that dream novel? If the answer is "Yes I Can", see our contact information below and let's get started with your free consultation today!!

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